The true 'Good Life'. I'm an amateur photographer, living in one of the most brutal, yet beautiful places on Earth, Alaska. I also raise goats, and the occasional pig or two. I will keep this updated with lots of photos. :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Well, I haven't updated in awhile, no biggie. Blogging is weird I think. good way to share photos though without clogging up your Facebook friends' walls :P
This summer is now winding down to an end, it pretty much sucks this time of year until the fair starts. so let's reminiscence!

First major event was the trip to Soldotna! I had a blast, and needless to say the scenery was great. We went down for the rodeo! I'd never been to an Alaskan Rodeo and I enjoyed it, I think what was even better was the company.

Second would be the beginning of rabbits, I traded 3 breeding Satins and their litters for a meat goat, great deal! So, here begins the rabbitry! With the help of a very generous friend, I don't even house them. hmm, fair? no, not really. I'll have to start helping with my herd. ;) I also have 3 Purebred Flemish Giants, the sandy variety, from two reputable Alaskan breeders. X the two breeds (Satin / Flemish) you've got yourself some excellent meat rabbits (though Satins are fine by themselves). I could talk rabbits and goats all day here....

OK, now, I gotta say, I have some of the best friends ever. Here I get, all mushy and crap...naw, but y'all are awesome, jus' sayin ya know. They double as models, you kind of have to with a friend who always has a camera with her!

I've known Kayla since 2nd grade when I moved here from 'da bush'. She invited me to her birthday party when we met, and I ran home and told my mom some weird girl asked me to go to a party. yeah. I lived in a small town. haha. Anyway, pretty awesome. We're not the same at all, she's outgoing and crazy and I'm pretty calm usually. She listens to Rap and I listen to Country and rock, not sure HOW we've managed to stay friends for SO LONG (11 years! woot!) because we're polar opposites, but hey whatever! :D

WELL. I gotta go, but I thought this was a pretty good start to getting this thing together again. Like I said, blogging is weird.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Yaks and Spring

Most of you who read this, know that I'm babysitting a young Tibetian Yak named Jack. He's a really sweet guy! So today it was very nice out, almost 40 degrees and NO WIND! So Jack and I took full advantage, he hadn't been walked for quite awhile...to say the least. So it was a chore getting a halter and lead on him, then we took a fairly good hike up the road, I gotta say training a yak is very easy on ice! he got all anxious a few times, ready to run and kick up his feet, but then landed firmly on his behind...lol

To the Right is Katie, a 50% Boer

Then...I got back home, put Jack away, and Alas! SUN! and the goats were being very photogenic, standing waiting for their feeders to be topped off once more for the night...here's
what I got:

Yup, a good day of school, photos, goats and...stuff :)
-- Katrina

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sheep

This week, I got to go out to Jenny and Briar's at Rock Ridge Suffolks. They imported all of their sheep from Oregon, and breed them every year in time for market wethers at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer. Well I went over, just to see the lambs, and boy are they cute!

As you can see, they are truly precious. These guys were all born about a week before these pictures were taken.

Here Jenny tags Briar's 2011 market lamb, Harold (has a Dr.Who theme going this season!). Rock Ridge is Scrapie certified, so they get custom tags.

This year for the fair, they will most likely supply the entire crop of 2011 market lambs.

I'm hoping (with Boers) to keep track of weight gains this year, the buck I shipped up from CA, from Toth Boers was 68lbs at 2 1/2 months old. the minimum weight at the fair is 55lbs, so...maybe I can still breed them for April...? LOL, I hope so. I hate kidding in this nasty winter weather, too windy (almost 60mph winds, constantly). We'll see what the ADG is on these guys in 2011. Looking like lots of multiples in there!

And.. Back on track. Here's the last, and my favorite photo taken on that day, a nice ewe named Loretta. I love how protective they are of their young. Every step the lamb takes, the dam takes note!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting back.

First post, gotta get back to this, blogging was fun awhile back, and I'm sure my Facebook friends get tired reading posts everyday about how much I love my goats.. hehe, poor them!

So I'll update, *clears throat*...

Angel kidded Feb 17th with twin bucklings, both a American. And.. the first Dairy goats born here (all Boers)
These two are the most photogenic I've had yet! And what a great opportunity to try out autofocus on my Canon 500D, bout time I figured it out. :)

Yup, these two are crazy little guys, the lighter one, now named "merlin" is sold already and hanging here until he's weaned. He's going to be so spoiled. :)

Yup, so that's what I've been doing, look forward to more!

-- Katrina