The true 'Good Life'. I'm an amateur photographer, living in one of the most brutal, yet beautiful places on Earth, Alaska. I also raise goats, and the occasional pig or two. I will keep this updated with lots of photos. :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting back.

First post, gotta get back to this, blogging was fun awhile back, and I'm sure my Facebook friends get tired reading posts everyday about how much I love my goats.. hehe, poor them!

So I'll update, *clears throat*...

Angel kidded Feb 17th with twin bucklings, both a American. And.. the first Dairy goats born here (all Boers)
These two are the most photogenic I've had yet! And what a great opportunity to try out autofocus on my Canon 500D, bout time I figured it out. :)

Yup, these two are crazy little guys, the lighter one, now named "merlin" is sold already and hanging here until he's weaned. He's going to be so spoiled. :)

Yup, so that's what I've been doing, look forward to more!

-- Katrina

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